1 /fIks/ verb (T)
1 REPAIR to repair something that is broken or not working properly; mend 1 (1b) BrE : Dad's outside fixing the brakes on the Chevy.
2 LIMIT to decide on a limit for something, especially prices, costs etc, so that they do not change
(+ at): The interest rate has been fixed at 6.5%.
3 fix a time/day/place etc to decide on a particular time etc when something will happen: Have you fixed a date for the wedding yet?
4 ARRANGE also fix up to make arrangements for something: If you want to meet the big boss, I can fix it.
5 FASTEN to fasten something firmly to something else, so that it stays there permanently : fix sth to/on: We fixed the shelves to the wall using screws.
6 MAKE FOOD informal especially AmE to prepare a meal or drinks: I watched the kids while he fixed dinner. | fix sb sth: I'll fix you a whisky sour.
7 fix your attention/eyes/mind etc on to think about or look at someone or something carefully: Aziz tried to fix his mind on the job at hand.
8 HAIR ETC especially AmE to make your hair or make­up look neat and attractive: Who fixed your hair for the wedding? | fix your face (=put make-up on your face): Hold on. Let me just fix my face before we go out.
9 CAT/DOG AmE informal to do a medical operation on a cat or dog so that it cannot have babies; neuter 2
10 RESULT OF COMPETITION to arrange an election, game etc dishonestly, so that you get the result you want: The fight must have been fixed. Nobody goes down that easily!
11 PUNISH informal to punish someone for something they have done: I'll fix him for taking my car without my permission!
12 fix sb with a stare/glare/look etc to look directly into someone's eyes for a long time: Rachel fixed him with an icy stare.
13 PAINTINGS/PHOTOGRAPHS to use a chemical process on paintings, photographs etc that makes the colours or images permanent
14 be fixing to do sth AmE spoken an expression meaning to prepare to do something, used in some parts of the US: I'm fixing to go to the store. Do you need anything?
15 CURE AmE informal to make a part of the body that is damaged completely better: They'll fix your leg for you.
fix on sth/sb phrasal verb (T) to choose a suitable thing or person especially after thinking about it carefully: We've finally fixed on a place to have the concert. fix sb/sth up phrasal verb (T)
1 to arrange a meeting, event etc, especially by persuading someone to agree to it: We'll have to fix up a time to meet. | fix up to do sth BrE: I've fixed up to be in Toronto for the next conference.
2 to improve something or make it suitable: We fixed up the guest bedroom before my parents came to stay.
3 to provide someone with something they want
(+ with): Can you fix me up with a bed for the night?
4 to find a suitable romantic partner for someone: Bring your brother too. I'm sure we can find someone to fix him up with.
2 noun
1 be in a fix to have a problem that is difficult to solve: We were in a real fix. | The car broke down and there wasn't a phone in sight.
2 (singular) an amount of something, especially an illegal drug, that you often use and badly want: addicts looking for a fix | I need my fix of caffeine in the morning or I can't think.
3 (singular) something that has been dishonestly arranged: The election was a fix!
4 get a fix on sb/sth
a) to find out exactly where someone or something is: The search boat can't get a fix on the yacht's position.
b) to understand what someone or something is really like: I sat and stared for a while, trying to get a fix on the situation.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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